Paramedical Exams

Before issuing an insurance policy, an exam may be required. A paramedical exam includes questions about the applicant’s medical history and current health status. A fully credentialed and professional examiner will perform the paramedical exam at a convenient time and location for the applicant.

You can order an exam, track the progress of the exam and retrieve completed paperwork (if permissible by insurance carrier) on our secure website. Click here to register.

Paramedical Services

  • Mobile Exams
  • Physician Exams
  • Application Part II
  • Exam Procedures:
    • Blood Draws
    • Blood Pressure
    • EKG
    • Health History
    • Height and Weight
    • Hip and Waist Measurements
    • Pulse
    • Saliva Collection
    • TVC
    • Urine
    • X-Rays
    • And many more, please contact us for details.

If you would like more information take a moment to Download our Exams Brochure.